Forgiving God

 by Michelle Hodges This concept was so hard for me to accept. Really? Forgive God? It felt very strange to even grasp. Almost blasphemous.  However, how many times had I blamed Him for things that had happened to me? After all, He was GOD. He could have protected me. He could have saved me from my abusers. He could have saved my dad from dying. He could have kept me from getting addicted to drugs or going to prison. He could have prevented an accident that I almost died in and someone special to me, did.   He is GOD!!! How many times did I curse Him, blame Him, and call Him everything but God? HAVE YOU EVER BEEN ANGRY WITH GOD?  Have you ever found yourself questioning the God of the Universe? Been angry with Him?  It's OK, you are not alone!  There is nobody on earth who has not suffered, to some extent; and it is God who created the planet, and God who sustains it. But sin has entered the world, and it is filled to overflowing with suffering, injustice, and evil. We have all bee

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