Forgiving God

 by Michelle Hodges

This concept was so hard for me to accept. Really? Forgive God? It felt very strange to even grasp. Almost blasphemous. 

However, how many times had I blamed Him for things that had happened to me?

After all, He was GOD.

He could have protected me. He could have saved me from my abusers. He could have saved my dad from dying. He could have kept me from getting addicted to drugs or going to prison. He could have prevented an accident that I almost died in and someone special to me, did.  

He is GOD!!!

How many times did I curse Him, blame Him, and call Him everything but God?


Have you ever found yourself questioning the God of the Universe? Been angry with Him?  It's OK, you are not alone! 

There is nobody on earth who has not suffered, to some extent; and it is God who created the planet, and God who sustains it.

But sin has entered the world, and it is filled to overflowing with suffering, injustice, and evil. We have all been hurt to varying degrees – whether through being personally mistreated, taken advantage of, deceived, having endured suffering through illness, losing a job, losing a loved one prematurely, or being falsely accused.

Being a believer does not exempt one from suffering. Becoming a Christian does not remove one from pain. Bad things happen to Christians; good things happen to those who are unbelievers, and those who also do great evil in this world.

 God allows this. He could stop it. After all, God by definition is unlimited in power and knowledge. He sees injustices and extreme suffering happening every day and apparently does nothing.


I honestly do not believe God is guilty of doing anything wrong. He has nothing to answer for.


Why then do we need to forgive him?

First, because of what it will do for you. I can safely promise you an inner freedom and release you never dreamed possible. We must forgive those on the earth who have hurt us, and we must forgive God in Heaven who lets hurtful things happen. 

In much the same way as we experience peace when we totally forgive those who have hurt us, so too when we come to the place where we totally forgive God.

This happens when you let others off the hook, regardless of how evil they were, or how hurt you continue to be.

God is not upset with us for being upset with Him. Jesus is touched by our weaknesses; He feels what we feel and has never forgotten what it was like to live on Earth. God did not rebuke Habakkuk for the prophet’s complaints, nor did Jesus embarrass Mary and Martha for blaming Him for not healing their brother. 

Precious Ones……..I can tell you when I really began praying and telling God that “I forgive Him” there was a shift in my life. The puzzle pieces finally began to fit - those pieces that I had been trying to cram into the puzzle where they didn’t belong. There was an overwhelming sense of peace in my life.

“For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.  But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.”  - Matthew 6:14-15


Michelle Hodges is the assistant director of Strip Church Network. She spent 10 years in the industry as a stripper in the panhandle of Texas, leaving the industry in 2006. Armed with a bachelor's degree in Substance Abuse Counseling with concentrations in Sociology and Criminal Justice, Michelle has assumed various roles within her community, through both employment and volunteer positions, including as a team leader in a West Texas strip club ministry. Michelle eagerly embraces her latest role within Strip Church Network.