Let's Flip That Switch!

Hi, my name is Jaz and I am part of a network of ministries for sex workers. Specifically, we go into strip clubs on a monthly basis to tell women that Jesus loves them. We are
not limited to strip clubs though, as some of us also talk to porn stars, escorts, and cam girls. We are non-judgmental and non-confrontational. It's about love, not finger-pointing. The network has been around for over 25 years, and I have personally been doing this for quite some time. Something that I've noticed is that many of the women we talk to actually want to know more about Jesus, but for reasons all their own, don't want to go to church.

I have wanted to do this blog for a long time. A blog specifically for sex workers that talks about Jesus (although it's open to anyone). The problem is that I knew if I started it I would have to commit to being consistent because the women we minister to deserve the best. And I was afraid I would not be consistent.

Enter Karen

Enter Karen. Karen Reséndiz is a talented writer who is also involved in strip club ministry. I approached her about doing this blog and she was ALL IN! She submitted her first post and, well, here we are! I know you don't know Karen, so let me assure you that these posts will be written with love, because that is just who she is. In addition to doing strip club ministry, Karen has authored a book, and she has founded a ministry for women throughout Mexico and the United States, and a children's ministry that reaches over 90 countries.

There may be posts from others from time to time, because we are a network of ministries throughout North America. I can promise though, that there will be at least one post per month from Karen.

Jesus Loves Strippers

I'm excited to finally flip on this switch! And I pray you learn how much Jesus loves you right where you are! Because #jesuslovesstrippers. He really does!